Princess Mia – freelance artist/illustrator

Princess Mia is a freelance artist whose artistic aspiration is to crystallize her emotions in a tangible medium, in order to convey them as effectively as possible.
Inspired by both Nujabes’ music and the graphic design of his album covers, Princess Mia listens to a lot of jazz-hop and cites Japanese producers Nomak, Michita and Niha, among others, as some major influences. The feeling of freedom that emanates from their music intersects with central themes in her work: the human body and organic lines. Princess Mia’s work is characterized by the depiction of bones, muscles, veins, transecting and fusing with organic elements, lace and paint splatters.
If you like her work and wish to support Princess Mia – you can purchase some of her works online on and visit to help her win a competition!

Nujabes – Counting Stars

Michita – Yukar

Nomak – Anger of the Earth


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