Astrid Engberg debut EP ‘Life Goes On’ out May 15th

If, like me, you’ve been blown away by Astrid Engberg’s soothing and melancholic vocals in ‘Equations’ by Berry Weight, you’ll be happy to know that Danish-born singer, composer, producer and wordworker will be releasing her debut EP ‘Life Goes On’ on May 15th with Phonosaurus Records.

Astrid Engberg combines jazz, soul, hip-hop, world, blues, among others genres, to craft her own signature style, a place where Engberg’s Scandinavian roots and everyday life experiences from her many travels intersect.

Berry Weight – Equations (Feat. Astrid Engberg)

With over a dozen albums under its belt, independent label Phonosaurus Records – founded by Berry Weight members Nico and Maël – has propelled artists such as Berry Weight, Mattic and Astrid Engberg to the forefront of the underground downtempo scene.
The label has signed a solid group of artists worth discovering. You can purchase the label’s releases in vinyl, CD and digital format from the official Phonosaurus website. On a side note, the label will release hip-hop artist Mattic’s The Abstract Convention on June 12th. Here’s a video of Mattic – Crimes Of The Mind (Featuring Artists Of The Beautiful):

Mattic – Crimes Of The Mind (Featuring Artists Of The Beautiful) from Phonosaurus on Vimeo.


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