Sweatson Klank – ‘Elevate Me’ 12″ EP

LA producer Sweatson Klank, formerly known as Take, just released a 12” EP with Project Mooncircle. Here’s what he says about this new album:

“Elevate Me is both a departure from Sweatson’s previous output and a continuation of what has made him a unique voice in L.A’s thriving instrumental hip hop and electronic scene. From the opener Always You the bar is set high with music that could only come from someone with musical savoir faire born of experience and hard work. The music is intricate and playful, the rhythms are hard to resist and the melodies perfectly match the uplifting mood, qualities that are carried throughout the EP.”

Each track in this album seems to have a life of its own. We particularly enjoyed listening to ‘I Can’t Explain’, a beautifully crafted abstract hip-hop tune meant to evoke LA’s atmosphere and lifestyle. The track ‘Always You’ is a more upbeat, electronic one and can be downloaded for free from Sweatson Klank’s bancamp page:


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