Beats & Noodles Mixtape

I decided to gather some of my favourite hip-hop and downtempo beats for this Beats & Noodles Mixtape. As you’ll notice, I try to preserve as much of the original track as possible in most of my mixes, as opposed to blending short excerpts together. The mixing is a bit clumsy, but I hope you’ll enjoy each individual track and discover new producers.


1. Question – Going to Wichita
2. Pat D – Silly Head (feat. Lauren Jade)
3. Nujabes – Highs 2 Low (feat. Cise Starr)
4. Fat Jon the Ample Sound Physician – Long Now
5. People Under the Stairs – Schooled In The Trade
6. Eric Lau – Chant & Bounce
7. Thallus – Lonely Roads
8. Potatohead People – Carry On
9. Erik Rico – Clapper
10. deeB – Blik
11. bugseed – tear loose
12. DJ Mentos – Abstract Reality
13. Nujabes – Feather (fest. Cise Starr)
14. DJ Honda – Travelin Man (instrumentals)
15. Dela – Chill (feat. Large Professor & Meemee Nelzy)
16. Jazz Addixx – Mindstate
17. DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo – Bu-Seki
18. Hexsagon – Take Five
19. NohaBeats – Walk With Me


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