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5 responses to “contact us

  1. Hi! I’ve been listening to your mixes almost daily on 8tracks for the last year. I am a big fan! Can you recommend a place in Toronto where I can enjoy an evening to your mixes or of the like? Thanks!

    • Hi Carolina!
      Thanks for your message. Unfortunately I moved to TO recently and still have not found a lounge or café with music I like in the background. That said, Kinton Ramen on Baldwin plays some chill Japanese jazzy hip-hop and serves a nice bowl of noodles!

  2. Loving the blog. You definitely introduced me to a lot of good artists here. I also tried out Kinton Ramen just about a week ago. I love the environment and the tunes they play there. =)

    • Thanks Darren! I’m glad you also got a chance to eat at Kinton Ramen. It’s not Ippudo in NYC (better ramen and more jazzy hip hop) but it’s definitely worth the wait!

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